Those who are eager to sign up for Disney+ have the chance to do so now at a heavily discounted rate, but there's a catch. Disney recently unveiled the upcoming streaming service at the D23 Expo, which has put a huge spotlight on the Netflix competitor. Now, Disney has revealed that they're allowing D23 members to pre-order Disney+ at a rate which breaks down to less than $4 per month.

Disney recently shared that D23 members are welcome to join what's being called the "Disney+ Founders Circle," which allows members of the fan club to preorder the service for a stunningly cheap rate. Disney+ will cost $6.99 per month at launch, or $69.99 annually. This discounted rate will take $23 off the annual rate. The catch? Those who wish to take advantage need to commit for three years right off the bat, which equates to just shy of $141. Here's what Disney had to say about it.

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"D23 members are invited to be part of the Disney+ Founders Circle and save $23 per year on a 3-year Disney+ subscription (that's 33% off the standard annual price)"

This offer was initially for paid D23 members only. However, Disney has opened this to anyone who signs up to become a D23 member through September 2. It's free to join and those who sign up will receive an offer for the Disney+ pre-order via email. For those who are fully committed to signing up, it's hard to imagine a better deal coming down the pipeline after the service launches.

To that point, Disney has experienced overwhelming demand for the early Disney+ sign up. That's a great sign for them, but not so much for those who wish to take advantage of the deal. The site has been lagging and, due to heavy traffic, has been crashing, making it difficult to sign up. The official D23 Twitter account acknowledged the issue and stated that they are trying to fix the issue currently.

"We are aware of an issue impacting access to the D23 website due to the heavy volume of traffic that the site is experiencing. We are working to quickly resolve the issue and apologize for the inconvenience."

Disney+ will play host to a huge back catalog of Disney movies and TV shows, as well as titles from National Geographic and more. A great deal of original content is also being produced for the service, including Star Wars shows like The Mandalorian and the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, a host of live-action Marvel shows, a High School Musical reboot and a live-action Lady and the Tramp remake, amongst many others. Couple that with an attractive price point, even at the standard rate, and Netflix could have some very stiff competition in the near future. Those interested in signing up early at the discounted rate can head on over to