Disney put on a big show for its upcoming streaming service Disney+ at the D23 Expo over the weekend. This is fully intended to rival Netflix in the streaming game and Disney revealed a ton of new features for the service during the event, which will help further set it apart from other companies in the space. Case in point, Disney+ will reportedly offer 4K Ultra HD streaming, unlimited offline viewing downloads and even bonus content, such as deleted scenes and commentaries, all for no additional charge.

On the D23 Expo floor, Disney was holding demos for the Disney+ interface. Per reports from those who got a hands-on taste, the interfaces if very similar to Netflix, at least on the surface. One key difference is that certain titles will stream in 4K. Unlike Netflix, this will come without any charge. Those titles will also feature Dolby Atmos sound. For example, Netflix charges $16 per month for its 4K plan. Disney+, meanwhile, will cost just $6.99 per month. A bundle will also be offered for $12.99 per month that includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. Granted, Disney+ won't have nearly as much content at launch, but they're clearly trying to make up for that in other ways.

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Disney+ will not limit how many titles can be downloaded for offline viewing. Netflix introduced offline viewing a while back and it's been quite popular, so it makes sense for this to also be part of the deal. But one of the biggest differences is bonus features. Many physical media die-hards still purchase hard copies for deleted scenes, commentary tracks and things of that like. Disney+ is said to include "deleted scenes, documentaries and commentaries" for certain titles. This would help set them apart in the streaming game. Disney+ will allow for simultaneous streaming on up to four devices, with one account allowed to register ten different devices in total.

Netflix currently has more than 150 million subscribers worldwide, which puts them a mile above the competition. But things are going to change in a big way, as both Disney+ and Apple+ will launch before the year's end, with WarnerMedia's HBO Max also on the way in early 2020, as well as Comcast's NBC-branded service coming down the pipeline as well. Point being, the marketplace is going to get very crowded and consumers will have to make tough choices. Netflix may not be a necessary expense for some once these other services launch.

As far as content goes, Disney+ will feature a massive library of titles from the past, as well as new originals, many of which were showcased at D23, The Mandalorian, the new High School Musical series, The World According to Jeff Golblum, a host of live-action Marvel shows and the live-action Lady and the Tramp remake are just the tip of the iceberg. Couple all of that content with these features, and Disney could really be onto something. Disney+ is set to launch on November 12. This news was previously reported by Slash Film.