Disney+ is currently dominating over Netflix during the coronavirus streaming wars. Movie production is shutting down left and right as many places all over the world go into quarantine mode. Release dates of big movies are getting postponed as the entertainment industry tries to figure out its next moves. This is leading to unprecedented maneuvers from studios who are experimenting to see what will keep people entertained as social distancing becomes a way of life. As of this writing, Disney+ is the clear winner amongst the other streaming platforms.

Netflix and Disney+ have both had to halt production on a number of their upcoming projects. While Netflix is the clear winner in terms of how much content, original and otherwise, that they have, Disney is going out of their way to try some new things. One of the new things that they have done is release Frozen 2 three months early, before it was originally scheduled to. The animated movie was a smash at the box office and the franchise is one of the biggest that the studio owns.

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Netflix has basically sat stagnant and hasn't really gone through with any risks. That could all change in the next few weeks as more people spend their time indoors. Disney even went ahead and released The Rise of Skywalker on digital platforms a few days before it was scheduled to. As the coronavirus continues to spread, the entertainment is going to go a long way in keeping people home and safe. Netflix has not done any release date tweaking and does not have a whole lot of stuff on the horizon.

With Disney+ and Netflix battling it out, Universal Pictures just made history by releasing movies that are currently in theaters to rent digitally starting this Friday. The Hunt, The Invisible Man, and Emma will be released for 48 hour rentals at $20. Then, Trolls 2 will be released in theaters on April 10th, along with the digital rental deal. This is a huge risk, but it is necessary since theaters all over the world are closing. It's unclear when the movie theaters will be allowed to open their doors again, so Universal made a pretty interesting choice that could end up paying off in the end.

While Disney+ is currently winning, they could do a lot more. Mulan was supposed to hit theaters at the end of the month and has since been postponed. The same can be said for New Mutants. If those projects were brought to the streaming service, it would be massive. Marvel fans have been waiting years to see New Mutants. The movie has been delayed way too many times to count and seems to be cursed. Will Disney decide to do this? We'll just have to wait and see, but we've already seen that they're willing to take chanced during the coronavirus pandemic. You can head over to the official Disney+ site to check out new releases.