News of Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox has been sending shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry since reports began to surface nearly a month ago. And now it's official, which means that the Disney princesses have to make room in the castle for some brand-new princesses that are moving in from Fox. Many fans have focused more on the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether or not Deadpool will retain his brutal verbal skills over at the House of Mouse, so the new princesses have flown under the radar. But the time is right to recognize the new Disney royalty recruits.

Though not a traditional princess, Alien's Ellen Ripley should be allowed in just for being a kick ass hero, a new kind of gritty princess that isn't scared to get her hands dirty or fire some blasters. She can hang out with Princess Leia and Captain Phasma when there's nothing pressing going on. Next up on the list would have to be Zoe Saldana's Neytiri character from Avatar who was the daughter of the leader of the Omaticaya Na'vi clan. Plus, it would be cool to see Zoe Saldana recognized since Gamora isn't really a princess in Guardians of the Galaxy, but again, she can hang with the new bad ass division.

Anastasia was actually mistaken for a Disney movie upon its release, so it's only fitting that she's now officially a Disney princess. Let the confusion continue. Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson can also easily slip into the role as a Disney Princess since she's the daughter of the Goddess Athena. This one is pretty much a no brainer when it comes to welcoming new princesses. Ellie the wooly mammoth from Ice Age is now officially Disney royalty as well, so make a lot more room in that castle.

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Lisa Simpson and Meg Griffin might as well get the keys to the castle as well. Lisa has earned it as The Simpsons are currently in their 29th season, which is definitely princess-worthy. If we go by laws already set in place by Fox, Meg should be able to slide right in just because The Simpsons did it first, slightly before Family Guy. Hell, The Simpsons predicted this whole merger nearly 20 years ago, so Lisa Simpson may be some kind of psychic princess and that's pretty cool.

Crown Princess Tilde from Kingsman is a real princess from a country that really exists, so it might be bending some kind of Disney rules, but it appears that the rule book has been thrown out the window anyway. We also can't forget Winona Ryder's Kim from Edward Scissorhands. Might as well throw Kelly Bundy in there as well because she was the first on primetime for Fox and then throw in Scully from The X-Files as well. It's ridiculous how many new princesses Disney acquired with their massive $52 billion buyout. Hopefully they have enough money left over to build a new castle for all of the new princesses that are joining the ranks of Disney Royalty. You can read more about Disney's big purchase via Variety.

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