The Disney Channel has just signed the rock act Imagination Movers to start their own series. According to Variety, the New Orleans-based group that calls itself "the world's first alternative rock band for preschoolers."

The Disney Channel will premiere three new music videos from the group starting Saturday, March 8th. Walt Disney Records will release of the Imagination Movers album Juicebox Heroes on March 18th. The album contains tracks from the group's first three independently-released albums, which will be featured on the show.

Bunnytown, the puppet variety show, created and produced by Sesame Street and Jim Henson Company veterans, will air at 10 a.m. daily starting next month. "Bunnytown's variety show format, something new to the world of preschool television, offers a unique music and humor-filled learning environment," said Nancy Kanter, senior VP of Playhouse Disney Worldwide.

Disney is currently filming episodes for Imagination Movers, which will air later this year. Bunnytown will be added to Playhouse Disney starting March 24th.