It was revealed yesterday that the Star Wars universe is going to get a lot bigger after the announcement that Game of Thrones producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have signed on to create an Untiled Star Wars Movie series. The new set of movies, much like Rian Johnson's recently announced new trilogy, will take place outside of what Lucasfilm has been calling the "Skywalker Saga" and will be separate from Johnson's trilogy as well. The timing on these new sets of Star Wars projects seems a bit peculiar, and many fans are wondering if this could be the announcement that kills off the future of standalone movies like Rogue One and Solo.

The standalone Star Wars movies were announced to alternate between the "Skywalker Saga" in order to release a new franchise movie every year and to highlight stories that have never been told on the big screen before. Though Rogue One did well critically and at the box office, the announcement of the new set of Star Wars movies, coupled with the way that the standalone movies have been handled up until this point, raise the question as to whether or not Lucasfilm with continue the standalone movies with the new series being made. One of the main goals of the standalone movies has been to use new and up and coming directors to add a breath of fresh air into the "Skywalker Saga," but it hasn't really turned out that way.

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There was controversy surrounding the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story from the day that the directors and cast were announced. Hardcore fans were skeptical from the start, but the choice of Phil Lord and Chris Miller always seemed like an odd pairing, which became even more evident as reports started to emerge that had Ace Ventura mentioned in the same breath as Han Solo. The duo were fired by Lucasfilm weeks before shooting was going to end for reportedly not seeing eye-to-eye with Lucasfilm and Ron Howard was brought in to take their place, a man who is not exactly a young and upcoming director. There have also been rumors going around that Lucasfilm is already prepared for Solo to not meet expectations at the box office.

Rogue One went through a lot of last-minute reshoots under the direction of Tony Gilroy to get the movie up to everybody's expectations at Lucasfilm, which paid off in the end. However, this begins to show a pattern. Josh Trank was on board to write and direct the Boba Fett movie back in 2015, but rumors began to swirl when the director did not turn up at the Star Wars Celebration that year. As it turns out, Trank was let go from the project due to the massive failure of the Fantastic Four as well as his behind-the-scenes behavior. Finally, it was recently announced that Colin Trevorrow was taken off of Star Wars 9 right after The Book of Henry bombed at the box office and critically.

It already looks as if Lucasfilm has been doing some restructuring behind-the-scenes in regard to the standalone movies. The Obi-Wan spin-off is currently in development with Stephen Daldry attached to direct. Daldry is far from an upcoming director, which already sees a shift in the perspective that was previously seen. So, there still could be hope for Obi-Wan and the long-awaited Boba Fett movie, but where do they fit in? It looks like Lucasfilm is going to be quite busy with two brand new Star Wars movie series projects coming out, which may point to the end of the standalone movies all together. Going outside of the "Skywalker Saga" may be just the excuse that Lucasfilm needs not to continue along that path. While we wait to see where they decide to go, check out the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story below, thanks to the Star Wars YouTube channel.