The Walt Disney Co. may be very forward thinking but they are looking at the past for some upcoming releases.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, it seems the upcoming release of the Walt Disney Legacy Collection will celebrate some films that Walt Disney personally had a hand in.

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The first batch will be the True-Life Adventures films, "a series of 13 animal and nature movies that will be released on DVD Dec. 5, the 105th anniversary of Disney's birth."

These titles originally came out between "1948 and 1960 and won a total of eight Academy Awards."

It is believed that Walt Disney got the idea for True-Life Adventures series "when he saw research footage of deer that had been prepared for Bambi."

After forming their own distribution company, Disney released The Living Desert, "which won Disney its first Oscar for best documentary and in its initial theatrical release brought in $5 million on an investment of $500,000."

Some of the other films in the series are White Wilderness, Vanishing Prairie and Water Birds.