Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is following the lead set by Fox Home Entertainment two months ago. According to After Dawn, Disney will no longer offer special features on its rental DVD's, creating two separate DVD classes with a "premium" retail version with special features, and a bare-bones rental version with no extras.

Fox announced in early March that it was creating two classes of DVD's for sales and rental, and Disney is now the first studio to create a similar program. It was said Disney's program would start in June, with the new releases Morning Light, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience.

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The main difference between the Disney and Fox programs is that Disney will offer the bare-bones edition at a lower price, whereas Fox has both editions at the same price. Disney will also enable retailers and rental outlets to choose which version they want to sell or rent, while Fox determines which versions go to which outlets.

It was said that Fox has come under criticism for their separate class system and that they might be considering abandoning the program.