The Walt Disney World reopening video has received a fitting Jurassic Park mashup as social media starts to question reality. Disney's world famous theme park has been shut down since March and opened their doors for the first time yesterday (July 11th). From video footage taken within and outside of the park, social distancing was rarely being practiced, which led more than one prospective guest to turn around and go home. As the videos started to go viral, social media started to criticize Walt Disney World for reopening so soon.

As of this writing, Florida shattered a terrifying new record with 15,300 cases in a single day. So, a lot of people are pretty critical of Walt Disney World, which is located in Orlando, Florida, for opening its doors at this particular point in time. Another theme park knows disaster when they see it, so they're calling out Disney. Someone made a Jurassic Park mashup of the Disney reopening video and it's almost too perfect, while previewing the dangers ahead for the Florida theme park, but with dinosaurs.

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One of the main problems that a lot of people seem to have about Disney World being operational right now is the fact that 90% of the guests at the park on any given day are from out of state. With Florida cases surging at an all-time high, many are concerned that people will be spreading this thing far and wide when they get back to their respective towns. As of this writing, there are several images of people waiting in line at the reopened park and not social distancing at all, which really looks like they could be in Jurassic Park.

Theme Park journalist Carlye Wisel arrived at Walt Disney World to see how things were working out. She was not impressed with what she saw and was quite angry. "This is NOT OKAY, I'm not even in the park yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to go in now," Wisel wrote on her social media. "The onus is on the park... This is an unexpected problem and bottleneck that is not being fixed quickly enough, I'm sitting here and there's still no effort to enforce social distancing." She posted video of her findings, which shows one long line without any social distancing at all.

While there are plenty of videos and images of people not practicing social distancing in Walt Disney World this weekend, there are also images of people staying six feet apart and wearing masks. When it comes down to it, this new normal is going to be hard for a theme park as big as Walt Disney World to organize. Unfortunately, now really isn't a good time to be experimenting with people when lives are on the line. You can check out the Jurassic Park mashup video above, thanks to the Jurrasic Park Updates Twitter account. You can see some video and images from within the park below.