Stormtroopers are enforcing social distancing at Disney World. Disney Springs was able to open up again last week and it has been really crowded. Florida residents have been happy to get back to the shops and restaurants, and for the most part, everybody has been doing well with the social distancing protocols. However, Disney made sure to have a contingency plan in place for anybody who may think about stepping out of line or causing a ruckus.

Disney Springs now has Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise on patrol to make sure everybody is following the social distancing safety measures. It's a friendly reminder and it helps to keep people feeling comfortable with coming outside of their homes during this time. That's the exact opposite of the way these guys are portrayed on the big screen, but whatever it takes to make people feel like things are getting back to normal works. So far, the results have been nothing but positive, which should make Kylo Ren proud, or maybe even more angry than he was before.

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While Disney Springs is opened up, Disney World has yet to reopen. It was announced earlier this week that the world famous theme park will open up its doors again on July 11th for the first time since the middle of March. Disneyland has also been shut down since the same time. This is great news for people who have been waiting to visit the park, but there will be some changes to the way the park operates. For one, nobody will be allowed in the park without a mask. If someone does not have one, the staff will provide you with one.

Temperature checks will also be needed, though it's not clear if a Stormtrooper will be administering the check. That would be a nice touch, so maybe Disney World will get on that. Social distancing will be strictly enforced by said Stormtroopers once in the park, which will have a limited capacity for the first few months. It's unclear how long this will go on, though it looks like it will be for quite a while. Cashless payments will be the way, just like The Mandalorian, and everything will be wiped down constantly.

Disney World is also going out of their way to reconfigure out how lines for rides will work, which will have to follow social distancing. Thankfully, they have the Star Wars franchise on hand to make sure that everything is fun and taken seriously. It's going to be a bit weird, but at least guests will be able to scream and yell on rides, which is quite different from what Japan is attempting to do with their amusement parks as they all reopen. Comic Book was the first to report on the Stormtroopers enforcing social distancing at Disney World.