Disney World's guidelines for reopening have been revealed. A Florida task force announced the guidelines, which will also apply to Universal Studios Orlando. As of this writing, it is still unclear as to when Disney World and Disneyland will be able to open their doors again, though there has been speculation about not opening again until the beginning of next year. Both parks, along with Universal Studios in California and Florida, have been closed since the middle of March, furloughing thousands of workers in the process.

The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force is made up of 44 members of the Florida business community, Disney executives, and the CEO of NBA team the Orlando Magic. They are responsible for the new guidelines set in place for reopening Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. Some examples of the guidelines put in place suggest tape marking off 6-foot spaces for waiting in line for rides. This could get pretty tricky as lines grow longer and more spread out across the park. Employees will have to regularly wipe down surfaces all over the parks. As for staff who are 65 and older, they will be "encouraged to stay home."

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Phase One of the reopening guidelines will see the park at only 50% capacity, while Phase Two will ramp up to 75% capacity. As to when either of these phases is expected to be implemented is unknown. Employees will have to undergo daily temperature checks and anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be sent home. Employees will also be required to wear face masks, while "touchless hand sanitizer stations will be placed at each ticketing entry, turnstile, ride/attraction entry and exit." This will be a lot of work and one can see Disneyland in California following similar guidelines when it's time to reopen.

Wiping down surfaces and requiring employees to wear masks is a good start, but will people really want to head into Disney Parks and Universal Studios any time soon? People are stuck indoors and looking for entertainment, but heading to a theme park with thousands of other people walking around might not be the most fun thing for everybody to want to do at the moment. Whatever the case may be, the theme parks experience is going to look much different when they are able to reopen.

It's beginning to look like the big chain movie theaters will open up again in July, coming with their own sets of guidelines. It is possible for Disneyland and Disney World to follow suit, but as to whether or not they do, is unclear at the moment. Concerts and other live performances more than likely will not start up again until 2021, and sports franchises are looking into being able to play games without a live audience. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to reveal the Disney World reopening guidelines.