Disneyland and California Adventure will not be opening up on July 17th after all. The Walt Disney Company has announced that they are going to wait until they get more guidelines from the state of California, which isn't expected to happen until after the Fourth of July holiday. Disney had been pushing hard to open on the 17th to coincide with the theme park's 65th anniversary, but those plans are now put on hold indefinitely until further notice.

The Coalition of Resort Labor Unions had planned a strike for this weekend in order to protest the reopening of Disneyland. Many people within the union and Disneyland employees believe that it's just too early to even think about opening up the theme park. Thankfully, the protests will not have to go on now that the park will not be opening next month. With that being said, the Downtown Disney shopping and dining area will open up on schedule, starting July 9th. The reopening of the hotels have also been postponed.

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In a statement, Disney revealed that, "California has now indicated that it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4." That would not give the company enough time to recall staffers and prepare the parks to reopen by mid-July. It looks like the park is trying to get back to normal, even though everything around the park is seemingly getting worse. Los Angeles County has the leading number of cases in the nation, taking over for New York, who was able to pretty much flatten the curve after some strict guidelines.

Shanghai Disneyland reopened in May and had a strong opening week, with reservations selling out almost immediately. Disney Springs, the shopping and dining area in Orlando, Florida, also opened up later in May, while Hong Kong Disneyland reopened last week. Theme parks at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida are scheduled to reopen on July 11th, though it's unclear if that will be able to happen since the state is leading in case spikes. Even with uncertainty out there, Disney fans are still looking forward to being able to get back into the parks for family getaways.

As for Disneyland and California Adventure, the new reopening date is a mystery, which is the same for all California theme parks. Temperature checks and masks will be required, no matter what, when the parks reopen. Limited capacity will also be the new normal for the time being, which will make getting in pretty difficult for a lot of people who are not up on getting the reservations. Disneyland and California Adventure are pretty much at near-capacity on a daily basis, so it will be interesting to see just how crazy the demand is for a park that will be about half-full. The Los Angeles Times was the first to report on Disneyland's reopening plans.