The past year and half has been tough and often brutal on most businesses, as well as most of the people in the world. Movie theaters shut down, cruise ships were docked sitting and waiting for tourists to return. And the major theme parks were closed as thousands of employees were either furloughed or had their income and hours drastically cut. This included Disneyland, which recently reopened to California residents only. But one of the Disney park's most iconic ride still sits closed and crumbling. But Disneyland hopes they can reopen Matterhorn by the July 4th weekend.

As it so happens in this new post-pandemic life, Mickey and his friends over at Disney were not untouched by the shutdowns this past year and a half, as thousands found themselves looking for another job. Now things are starting to get back to normal, and as businesses begin to open up, and people get back to work, the mouse is ready for vacationers to enjoy the park as it used to be. Almost.

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Disneyland Resort is buzzing with families once again over the past month and a half. However, not everything is as what it once was. The world famous mountain that has become a symbol for the park and the horizon is still closed off to the public.

Yes, The Matterhorn attraction, which could be considered the first themed coaster in the world, is not there for everyone to enjoy at the moment.'s there, but nobody will be riding it just yet. "Why?" You ask. Well, the mountain is literally falling apart and has been for some time. It has been going through major work and construction for years and Disney knew that it would take some time to get the attraction back to the standards that park upholds.

Disneyland has confirmed that the legendary snow mountain unfortunately has serious issues with the integrity of its façade. Because of these issues, even when it is open to the public and running, work will continue in phases until it's complete and secure.

With the Matterhorn literally crumbling, you would think that construction would be the only issue Disneyland would face but they face another battle, a battle with their home state as well. Due to California's (for lack of a better term) "interesting" construction codes, Disney can do very little. In this day and age a structure like the Matterhorn would be illegal to build in California. So trying to put up a new structure of that size in its place, is out of the question. And as far as rebuilding the massive parts of the ride, that's a big negative as well. 

This gives Disneyland very little to work with and a deadline of July 4th is looming for the mouse. And considering in 2019 parts literally fell off the mountain, they can't ignore the problem they face. Disney does have a plan and assures everyone that the ride will be open and safe for guests. But moving forward they are going to have a major problem in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Besides the financial stress, Disneyland will have to deal with all the new California codes in regards to building and what can and cannot be done. The way Disney comes up with creative ideas in everything they do, I have no doubt they will figure something out. I mean after all they do have The Avengers, Jedi and Darkwing Duck. With a team like that, anything is possible.