The Paris equvilant of the Haunted Mansion just became a whole lot scarier. And there's even a chance it might be haunted for real now! A worker at Disneyland Paris was found dead in the Phantom Manor ride this past Saturday. French Police have revealed that the man was most likely electrocuted while trying to fix a lighting issue inside the attraction.

Apparently, the worker in question was someone who was very popular at the Disneyland Paris location, though his identity has not yet been revealed to the press. A Disneyland union representative named Patrick Maldidier spoke with the French newspaper Le Parisien about the incident. And the man in question was said to be a very pleasant individual who upheld the Disney motto of happiness and fun. Says Maldidier.

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"[He] was someone who always had a smile on his face."

Euro Disney also offered their own statement about the untimely death of the electrician. The company is said to be 'deeply saddened' by the incident. And Disney sends their 'thoughts to the family and relatives.' It wasn't revealed where the man died inside the attraction, as to keep tourists from popularizing that particular site in the future.

The Phantom Manor ride has been temporarily closed to the public. It will remain shuttered while authorities continue investigating the incident. This is the second time a worker has died at the Disneyland Paris location in the past 6 years. Back in 2010, a 53-year-old cleaner became trapped under a boat in the 'It's a Small Word' ride. The unidentified worker perished before help could rescue him. No further details about this more recent accident have been revealed at this time.

Disney is currently working on a reboot of the The Haunted Mansion movie. Ryan Gosling is attached to star. Guillermo del Toro is said to direct the movie, but he may only produce. No further details about the movie have been revealed at this time. Our condolences go out to the Disneyland Paris worker's friends and family.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange