Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is set to get rid of the "wench auction". It was a good time while it lasted, but all good times must come to an end. It's no longer culturally acceptable to sell women like it was in the days of the pirate's life. The ride originally opened up in 1967 at the Anaheim, California theme park and was the last attraction that Walt Disney personally oversaw as he passed away three months before the ride made its public debut. But ol' Walt is supposedly still there in spirit, cryogenically frozen beneath the ride.

When the popular attraction closes for maintenance next year, the "wench auction" will be removed and replaced with something a tad less offensive to riders of the attraction. Instead of women being bought and sold, Disneyland will install a scene of townspeople lined up to surrender their valuable to the pirates. The redheaded woman who has been auctioned off for so many years will remain, but she will instead gain a rifle and become a pirate, switching sides to possibly infiltrate the pirate's life and take over from the inside as revenge. That's all real except for the revenge part, by the way.

According to Disney Parks Blog the change will occur next month while the ride is shut down for routine maintenance. This is not the first modification to be made to the popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Over the years we've seen pirates chasing food instead of booty and another role reversal as a woman chasing a pirate instead of the other way around. Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise has also been added (sometimes even in real-life when there's a new movie to promote) as well as the addition of Davy Jones at the end of the ride.

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Though definitely not political correct for this day in age, it did fit in with the whole idea of pirates being scum. But the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise has done a lot to clean up the reputation of pirates. Another change that is buried at the bottom of the Disney Parks Blog (along with the news of the other changes), the Blue Lagoon Restaurant will no longer be called the Blue Lagoon and will now be known as Captain Jack's. Apparently Captain Jack Sparrow won the restaurant in some kind of wager so the restaurant is set to be re-themed with more of a Keith Richards-type of vibe.

So far fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction are not taking the news of these changes very well. One fan is really hurt that a "lady of the night" is going to be turned into a pirate because, well I don't know. Its now a classic time for Millennials to jump on the "I remember the ride before it had the changes and it was a lot cooler back then" train. Hurry up and ride before Disney makes the changes starting next month. And for those of you who can't visit, check out the video below for a look on how it used to be.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick