Disneyland has unveiled a new transition scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in addition to the replacement of the Wench auction. Disney fans who have visited the Orlando park and the Paris park will be familiar with the new changes, but the California park has just reopened from the refurbishment, giving a new look on the old attraction. In a new video that was released today, Kim Irvine from Disney Imagineering goes into detail talking about some of the new tweaks to the iconic attraction.

The removal of the wench auction scene was announced around this time last year. Instead of the auction, Disneyland has installed a scene of townspeople who are lined up to surrender their valuables to the pirates instead of the buying and selling of women. Some fans are critical to any of the changes that have been made over the years, but as Kim Irvine says in the new video from the Disney Parks Blog, Walt Disney always wanted the ride to be changed with the times while keeping with the true spirit of Disney.

In addition to the wench auction being changed, there is a new transition in between the two pieces of the story, which features the skeleton of a pirate who succumbed to his greed and died. In the new video, Kim Irvine notes the two distinct stories from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. One of which is the pirates who all passed away from greed and the other is when the pirates are alive and well, in the heyday of their antics. The video shows off the new changes and they seem to fit in pretty well with the old pieces from the attraction, which is pretty remarkable since most of the ride was designed in the 1950s.

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One of the newer pieces to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that does seem to stick out like a sore thumb is the addition of Johnny Depp from the movies. Disney fans were never happy with the addition and it might not be up for too much longer since the actor has been in the news lately for some things that Disney doesn't usually put up with. One shouldn't be too surprised if the Pirates of the Caribbean ride completely takes Johnny Depp out of the attraction in the months to come.

While some Disney fans aren't excited with the changes, these are not the first to occur to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride over the last handful of years. For instance, the pirates now chase food instead of a woman's behind and another scene where pirates were chasing a woman has been reversed to find the woman chasing the pirates. One of the more controversial decisions has been the idea to change the restaurant Blue Lagoon into Captain Jack's from the movie franchise. Again, it isn't clear if that will stick around for too much longer. Regardless, you can check out the new video discussing some of the aforementioned changes below, courtesy of the Disneyland YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick