It's the most wonderful time of year, unless you're stuck at Disneyland right now. The theme park always sees huge crowds around Christmas, so those who go expect to be stuck in a bit of a crowd. However, those visiting the park got more than they bargained for today, as a massive power outage has caused problems in a sizeable chunk of the park. This has caused overcrowding in parts of the park, with many guests reporting being stuck on rides for long periods of time.

According to a spokesperson for Disneyland, they've "determined that the issue is with a Disneyland Resort transformer" and their team "is currently assessing and working to restore power." As it stands, there's no timetable for how long it's going to take to fix it. Though, backup generators have helped to at least get some guests off of the rides that stopped operating when the power first went out.

On any day this would have been inconvenient at best, but the Disneyland AP Twitter account stated earlier in the day that, "The Disneyland Resort is very busy today. Please check the Disneyland App for the latest wait times and schedules to plan your day." Then the power went out, affecting Toontown, Fantasyland and other rides in the park. Guests have reportedly been escorted from Toontown and Fantasyland until the power is restored. The Disneyland AP account later said in a tweet that the park will only be accepting guests for re-entry at this time.

"Parks update: Disneyland Park is currently only accepting Guests for re-entry, but Annual Passes valid on this date are still good for admission at this time. Disney California Adventure Park remains available for your enjoyment. Updates to follow."

This will surely get in the way of some people's holiday plans, but many of those inside the park are looking for a way out, as opposed to in. "Help! I need a refund. This is horrible. We don't even want to be here anymore," said MlipitasNinerGuy on Twitter, along with photos of the massive crowds at the park. Dana Boyd, who was visiting Disneyland with her children, also took to Twitter to share her less than ideal experience.

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"Got stuck for 30m w/ 3 small kids on "it's a small world" at @disneyland when the power went out. Backup generator turned on, letting one speaker turn on. Darn song is really stuck and kids can't stop singing it."

It's unclear at this time if the park will be issuing any sort of refund or compensation to those guests affected by the power outage. The outage happened as Disneyland was reportedly near capacity for the day, according to ABC 7. You can check out other social media reactions from the scene at Disneyland, as well as photos of the park during the power outage, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott