Disneyland and Disney World have been getting more and more crowded over the years and the addition of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is going to send both parks into overdrive. Disneyland is anticipating even larger crowds, so they have decided to start quietly removing seating areas and planters to make more room for Star Wars fanatics. The new area of the park opens next summer and they're expecting massive crowds, but current park visitors are having a hard time finding places to sit and relax as seating and other elements of the park are removed to make for a better traffic situation.

The wide brick planters that ran around the Haunted Mansion that once offered an area for relaxation have now been removed. Disneyland removed them to make a wider walkway for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, which makes sense, but the removal has angered some regular park visitors who miss the spot to sit and get away from the madness for a moment. Some removable benches have been installed, which offer far less seating than was available and have made park goers sit on a fence instead. However, it is not enough for when the park starts to get crowded.

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To compensate, Disneyland has added more seating, but so far, it's all in restaurants that people have to spend money in to sit at. The Bengal BBQ restaurant in Adventureland has expanded from over 30 outdoor seats to 100 indoor airconditioned seats. Disneyland spokeswoman Liz Jaeger says that the parks are "always looking at ways to enhance elements such as guest flow, seating, and landscaping, which play an important part of a guest's visit to the parks." Hopefully more seating that isn't used in restaurants is added before next summer arrives.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is going to be a pretty big addition to Disneyland and Disney World. Hardcore Star Wars fans are already starting to plan trips around the openings of the parks to get a chance to get an immersive franchise experience. This is exciting news, but it's also going to be really tough to get to the area of the park where the new Star Wars Land is situated on a crowded day since it's in the very back of the park, which is why their taking out seating and planters to get ready for the huge crowds that will be heading to hang out with Chewbacca.

There has even been speculation that Disneyland is going to remove the fake rocks at the Tomorrowland entrance. Regular park visitors have been critical of the area for years because it always clogs up when it gets crowded. Whatever the case may be, Disneyland is starting to make more room for the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area of the park and the crowds that it's going to bring. This news was first reported by Mercury News.