Walt Disney Pictures has debuted a new concept art image from their upcoming 3D animated adventure Frozen. Kristen Bell stars as Anna, who journeys with Kristoff to find her sister Elsa (Idina Menzel) in the mountains. As you can see from this illustration, Anna and Kristoff (whose voice actor hasn't been revealed yet) have to brave harsh, icy elements on their journey. Take a look at the photo, then read on to see what co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee had to say about the film.

<strong><em>Frozen</em></strong> Concept Art

Director Chris Buck revealed that Elsa actually has the power to control the wind and ice, and that these frigid landscapes are all her doing.

"This is her sister's magic. Elsa created this winter storm and ice formation. We love the power of it, and yet there's a magical quality to it also."

Co-director Jennifer Lee, who joined the project last month, revealed that she wanted to convey a bizarre quality that the ice isn't natural.

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"We wanted to push it to the extreme. The unnatural quality of the ice emphasizes this is not, you know, sky-made ice, but ice made by someone."

If you look at the image closely, you can see several snowflakes embedded within the ice, which director Chris Buck reveals is her signature.

"You'll see that shape throughout. It's very subtle, but that's basically [evidence of] Elsa's magic. That's her signature."