President and CEO of Heartland Film Festival Jeffrey L. Sparks announced that the film organization has bestowed Walt Disney Pictures' Meet The Robinsons its Truly Moving Picture Award. "Once again, Heartland is proud to give its Truly Moving Picture Award to another fantastic animated film from Walt Disney Pictures," he said. "Meet The Robinsons is an adventure for the whole family and will inspire young people to dream big dreams and make the right choices."

The movie tells the story of an orphan, Lewis, who wants to find a family of his own. When he meets a stranger named Wilbur Robinson, he is taken to the future where he meets some interesting characters and The Robinsons - a family who lead him on an adventure with heartfelt results.

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Meet The Robinsons is being given the Truly Moving Picture Award for its spectacular animation, storyline and message. Little Lewis travels far and wide to find a home, and doesn't give up.