Seth Grahame-Smith will be making his directorial debut with Disney's upcoming reboot of Something Wicked This Way Comes. He is also writing a treatment for the project with the studio hiring a writer to script the project.

Based on a 1962 novel by Ray Bradbury, the story follows two young boys named Jim Nightshade and William Halloway. The pair have a nightmarish experience with a traveling carnival that comes to their Midwestern town one day. The carnival's leader is the mysterious "Mr. Dark" who bears a tattoo for each person who, lured by the offer to live out his secret fantasies, has become bound in service to the carnival. Mr. Dark's malevolent presence is countered by that of Will's father, Charles Halloway, who harbors his own secret desire to regain his youth because he feels as though he is too old for Will.

Here is what the director had to say about the project.

"I have been so crazy about this book, and it was such a formative title in my life that I actually wrote a piece on NPR about why it is so important for young males to read. It is a classic coming-of-age, father-son story about the transition from childhood to adulthood and how kids can't wait to be adults and adults romanticize their childhoods. I'm not remaking the movie; I want the haunted atmosphere that makes the book so chilling, and I want to reinstate some of the classic scenes from the book that were missing from the '83 film."

No production or casting details have been released.