Weekend Grosses

1) Disturbia $9.1 million

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2) The Invisible $7.6 million

3) Next $7.2 million

4) Fracture $7 million

5) Blades of Glory $5.2 million

6) Meet the Robinsons $4.8 million

7) Hot Fuzz $4.7 million

8) Vacancy $4.2 million

9) The Condemned $4 million

10) Are We Done Yet? $3.4 million

What a weak end.

The highest grossing movie was Spider-Man 3, and it hasn't even opened yet. I can't get an actual lock on the numbers, but according to Reuters.com pre-sale stubs for the highly anticipated sequel are selling three times faster than advanced tickets for Spider-Man 2 did back in 2004. That fact has had a decidedly drastic effect on this weekend's slothish box office numbers. It seems that most audience members are going to wait it out until Friday, May 4th, before blowing their cash at the multiplex.

With Spidey looming large in the shadows, this weekend's fare didn't fare to well. The Hollywood Reporter reports that none of the new releases managed to break $10 million. Third week hold over Disturbia came in first with $9.1 million. That brings its overall total to $52 million, a good sign that we'll be seeing a lot more from Shia LaBeouf in the future. Later this summer, he will star in Transformers. He is also slated to appear in next summers Indiana Jones 4.

The next three films went toe to toe, beating and breathing down each other's necks. Hardcore. It was teen-friendly newcomer The Invisible that barely thumped Nicolas Cage's Sci-Fi thriller Next to come in second with $7.6 million. First timer Next wasn't very far behind, its cumulative gross a close $7.2 million. Fracture, which debuted in second place last week, dragged ass to a $7 million 4th place win. That brings its overall gross to $21 million.

The other two flicks premiering this week managed to greatly disappoint their profiteers. It looks like all those WWE aficionados would rather stay hinged to their couch than brave the weather and roads for Stone Cold Steve Austin. His The Condemned barely broke a sweat, squeaking into the number nine spot with $4 million. Austin only managed to step on Ice Cube's neck, kick-pushing the gangsta rapper's kid friendly sequel Are We Done Yet? into the number ten spot with $3.4 million.

Poor Jamie Kennedy. His Rocketshoe failed to blast its way into the top tier of theatrical goods at all this weekend. His break dance comedy Kickin' It Old Skool pop-and-locked the flop sweat, eking out just a handful of change (2.8 million) to come in number eleven. This does not bode well for the comedian, whose last big screen comedy Malibu's Most Wanted also flailed to drum up much interest back in 2003. Maybe he should stick with TV.

Nielsen EDI reports a 23% drop in box office receipts from this time last year. Even though these last two weekends have indicated a steep decline from 2005, this spring season has set record numbers. The accumulated grosses are about $1.231 billion. Thats a lot of dough. It could buy a lot of donkeys.

Look for Spider-Man 3 to obliterate the box office next weekend. There's nothing that can stand in its way. Not even Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror.