Horror fans will be pleased to know that the much anticipated Ditch Day Massacre is finally complete. Fans have selected the official artwork, and a clip has just been released. Ditch Day Massacre, the 80's styled slasher flick shot entirely in daylight, stars Bill Oberst Jr. as Vick, a man driven to settle a brutal score. He's after Jenny (Katy Foley), an all American high-school sweetheart holding onto a mysterious past. Lynn Lowry, Zach Silverman and Pandie Suicide also star in Megan Waters' production. Ditch Day Massacre is directed by Joe Hendrick and written by Daniel P. Coughlin and Ryan Coughlin. Both Oberst and Lowry are presented in the film's first released clip.

<strong><em>Ditch Day Massacre</em></strong> Poster

Much of the film's story is revealed in this short reel. The character Vick is shown stalking Jenny's neighborhood. He's pleasant at first, but his intentions are not quite neighborly. This is quickly established when he reveals his true nature to Mrs. Donattucci (Lowry). Now, audiences can take a peek, along with the poster artwork.