Heat Vision reports that D.J. Caruso will direct I Am Number Four.

The film is DreamWorks' adaptation of the upcoming young-adult science fiction book by James Frey and Joby Hughes.

I Am Number Four centers around a group of nine aliens who leave their home planet right before it was annihilated by a warring species. Living on Earth, "the title character disguises himself as a human high schooler, only to discover he is being hunted still by his planet's enemy."

The book, the first in a series of six, is being put out by HarperCollins Children's Books this fall.

DreamWorks grabbed film rights in June. At that time, Michael Bay attached himself to produce and possibly direct. Now he will only produce.

Al Gough and Miles Millar (creators of /tv/smallville/Smallville) wrote the screenplay.

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs