A Django Unchained director's cut is on the way. Quentin Tarantino is currently neck deep in his latest movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is set to debut in theaters this summer. It also may hold its world premiere at Cannes, if he can get it ready in time. In any event, he's got his hands full for the time being. But once he's free and clear on that front, he promises this new cut of his 2012 western will be made available.

The filmmaker recently was interviewed in order to clear up some of the confusion surrounding The Hateful Eight miniseries that was recently released on Netflix. Quentin Tarantino revealed that he and his editor personally cut together this version of his 2015 movie for the streaming service. During the interview, he was asked if he would consider doing something like this in the future, perhaps with something like Kill Bill. At that point, Quentin Tarantino revealed that he's already finished a Django Unchained director's cut. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"But for instance like take Django [Unchained], I've actually cut a director's cut of Django. That's about like three hours and 15 minutes, or three hours and 20 minutes, something like that. That's one I wouldn't do as a mini-series because it would just be better [as a movie]. I thought about that idea, but that would just work better as one movie. Just a longer one as far as I was concerned. So I've actually done that. We're just kind of waiting some time after Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and we'll release that eventually."

So we can rule out this turning into a series. We can, however, expect to possibly see a new Blu-ray release, or something of the like, for Django Unchained in the future. Maybe we could even see a theatrical re-release? That can't be ruled out. Either way, we've got a much longer version of the movie to look forward to, however it ends up being delivered to us.

The theatrical version of Django Unchained clocked in at 2 hours and 45 minutes. So an extra 15 to 20 minutes would put it over the three-hour mark. As for what this extra footage entails? For now, Quentin Tarantino didn't reveal any specific details. We can only hope it involves a little more of Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz, a performance which nabbed the actor a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, we might add.

Django Unchained was a reasonably big hit at the box office, grossing $425 million worldwide, working from a budget of $100 million. It was also nominated for a total of five Academy Awards, winning two. Quentin Tarantino took one home for Best Original Screenplay. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set to hit theaters on July 26. Sometime after that, we'll get some more info regarding this director's cut. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news was first reported by Slash Film.