In February, it was /quentin-tarantino-directing-a-spaghetti-western/discovered that Quentin Tarantino was in the midst of writing a Spaghetti Western titled A Southern. Franco Nero, the legendary actor who kicked off the Spaghetti Western genre in 1966 with director Sergio Corbucci's classic Django, was rumored to be starring in this new action-packed gun-slinging tale alongside Christoph Waltz, Treat Williams, and Keith Carradine.

Late yesterday, @AgentTrainee revealed what many believe to be the hand-written cover of Quentin Tarantino's latest screenplay on Twitter, which offers the new title Django Unchained.

Many are speculating that Franco Nero will return to play Django, a coffin-dragging gunfighter, once again in this new sprawling saga. The actor first reprised the role in 1987 with Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno. There have been no other story details about Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained at this time. You can check out the script cover below.

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Django Unchained Script
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange