Last week, I visited the set of CBS Films' upcoming comedy Get a Job, which is slated for release sometime next year. One of the people we got to chat with on the set was producer Michael Shamberg, who is also executive producing Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. It is widely known that the director loves shooting on film, which is definitely becoming a rarity these days. The producer was asked if this revenge Western might be one of the last movies he makes on film. Here's what he had to say.

"Quentin loves film. He's got Robert Richardson, who just won his third Oscar. Quentin, I think, has one of the last dailies trailers in the film business, where you literally go into a trailer and watch film selections from a projectionist. He loves film, he doesn't like digital. I love digital, but I think there will still be directors who want to do film. Master directors like Quentin will still want to do film. I've seen enough of the dailies, and the way Robert is lighting it, and the way Quentin is imagining it, it's just genius. One of the things Quentin wanted was to see breath. We had to go up to the mountains where it was cold. Probably in 10 years, it will have gone the way of Kodak, but somebody will still be shooting on film. Everything is distributed digitally, but I think you get a richer experience, for a certain type of film, on film. Quentin won't be shooting digital."
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Stay tuned in the future for our full set visit report for Get a Job.