Quentin Tarantino was in Cannes this past week to show off a sizzle reel from his upcoming Western Django Unchained. Those lucky enough to have seen it have done nothing but praise it. Most of us, though, still have to wait a while before getting a glimpse of this action yarn starring Jamie Foxx as a former slave trying to retrieve his wife from a ruthless plantation owner.

Apparently, if we are to believe rumors, the wait to see footage from Django Unchained isn't going to be as long as we initially thought. Word around the internet this late Friday afternoon, heading into Memorial Day Weekend is, we will be getting the first trailer on June 8th.

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According to various inside sources, the trailer will be debuting in front of 20th Century Fox's Prometheus. There is no connection between the two films, other than that Prometheus is rated R, and Django Unchained is a movie meant for adults.

There is no word on when the Django Unchained trailer will hit the internet. If you were on the fence about seeing Prometheus, this may certainly sway you to buy that ticket.