If you've been paying attention to the viral site IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, which is designed to help promote The Dark Knight, then you most likely received the following e-mail. If you didn't, then here it is!


Cross-Country Tour of Campaign Bus Continues As Thousands of Dent Supporters March, Rally For The One Man Who Can Save Gotham!

Check the updated schedule at http://www.ibelieveinharveydent.com/ontheroad.aspx to see if a Dentmobile is coming to your neighborhood.

Dent's challenge to Gotham to show their desire for change has been met with a city-wide explosion of activism, with thousands of supporters organizing rallies, meet-ups, petition drives, and posting signs and placards in every neighborhood. Check out some of the best photos and videos at http://www.ibelieveinharveydent.com/youinaction.aspx.

Dent is expected to make his decision whether to run for Gotham District Attorney within weeks and your support does make a difference!

**Special Alert**

For those of you who can get down to Rockefeller Center tomorrow morning between 6 and 9 am, there's a very good chance your friends might be able to see you on a certain morning television show.

Spread the word. Make an impression! Let's get creative in demonstrating our support!

Take Back Gotham!