Ever since 1989, kids of all ages have dreamed of one day owning a Hoverboard, as seen in the classic sequel Back to the Future Part II. This Mattel toy served as a skateboard that glided on air, hovering above the ground through the use of future technology that didn't quite exist yet. Well, on March 4, star of that movie, Christopher Lloyd, otherwise known as the always trustworthy Doc Brown, stepped out of a DeLorean claiming that the company HUVr had finally achieved the impossible, and that now, Hoverboards were a reality! We could all own one soon...

But not so fast! It was an elaborate hoax set up by the folks at Funny or Die. Christopher Lloyd assures us he was not in on the joke, and has now been forced to apologize for this epic scandal. To make up for it, one lucky winner will be able to take home the signed Hoverboard seen in the following sketches. As Doc Brown says, "One of you will be happy after so many of you were saddened."

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange