Way back in 2013, just after the release of Marvel's Iron Man 3, director Shane Black confirmed he'll be writing and directing an adaptation of the pulp comic book Doc Savage. But we've heard very little about this project since then. In 2014, Thor star Chris Hemsworth reportedly met with the director to discuss playing the title character, but that was the last we've heard about the project. The filmmaker went on to make The Nice Guys, which hits theaters this weekend, but it seems that this long-awaited project may be getting a new lease on life, with Dwayne Johnson possibly coming aboard to star.

In a recent post on his Instagram page, Dwayne Johnson teased that he's reading an outline for a "cool movie" he's set to make next year with director Shane Black. While he doesn't mention Doc Savage specifically, many have assumed that the actor is referring to this project, but there is also another movie the actor may be alluding to, the director's Predator remake, which has already been given a March 2, 2018 release date. Take a look at Dwayne Johnson's full statement below.

"Finding our anchor. When I'm shooting on location I always need a space where I can work and keep building the enterprise. Here in Georgia this has been my space for months now. Keepin' it country. Every film, TV show, partnership and project we develop gets handled from here. When I feel good about it, it goes in the pile to the left that clearly reflects my OCD. When I'm still making adjustments, it stays on the pile on the right. All contracts that need signing remain in the middle. On the iPad I'm reading an outline for a cool movie I'll make in 2017 (with director Shane Black) and when I get tired and need a lil' pick me up, the shaker cup holds a special shot of energy - Elk piss. The more complicated our lives get, the more we need simple spaces like this to anchor us. In simplistic terms, find your work space and anchor to help you keep your shit together."

Dwayne Johnson is currently shooting Baywatch, which he will follow up with Fast & Furious 8 and the Jumanji remake later this year. Next year, the actor is slated to start filming an adaptation of the hit video game Rampage, and he also has a number of other projects on his slate such as San Andreas 2 and the Big Trouble in Little China, but it isn't exactly known when filming will begin on those movies. Regardless of what movie it is, it seems that The Rock has added yet another project to his growing slate.

It's possible that director Shane Black plans on shooting both the Predator reboot and Doc Savage back-to-back. Last week, the filmmaker revealed that production will begin on Predator in October, which seemingly rules out Predator as the movie Dwayne Johnson is making with the director. It's possible that he could then go on to shoot Doc Savage after he finishes on Predator, but that's only speculation as of now. While we wait for more details, take a look at Dwayne Johnson's Instagram post below, and stay tuned for more details.