Dwayne Johnson is perhaps one of the busiest men in Hollywood, and while he has been promoting his new movie Rampage, his first of three new movies this year, the actor offered an update on Doc Savage, which may not be to most fans' liking. While Dwayne Johnson has been attached to star in a Doc Savage adaptation since 2016, with Shane Black set to direct from a script he's co-writing with his The Nice Guys co-writer Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry, don't expect this to go before cameras anytime soon. Here's what Dwayne Johnson had to say.

"First of all, love Shane Black and we've had multiple meetings on that project that we were going to work on. Right now, Shane's doing things. I'm doing things. That project had a few issues, not creative issues but more so business affairs issues, where the project once was, who had rights to it, where we were trying to move it to. There was a lot of that, which we're still kind of working through. At the end of the day, Shane's such a spectacular writer or director, but whether it's that project or something else, we've made a pact that we're going to work together at some point in our careers."
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Shane Black has been set to write and direct Doc Savage for Sony since 2013, but there hasn't been much movement on this project since then. There was talk in 2014 that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was being sought to play the title character, but there was no movement on the project until 2016, when Dwayne Johnson was first rumored, and then later confirmed, with the actor releasing a social media photo with Black, Bagarozzi, Mondry and the actor's producing partner Hiram Garcia.

Doc Savage was originally created by Street & Smith Publications publisher Henry W. Ralson and editor John L. Nanovic, along with the series' main writer Lester Dent. The character's first appearance was in Doc Savage Magazine #1, published in March 1933, with the magazine publishing 181 issues between March 1933 and the summer of 1949. Bantam Books began reprinting the individual magazines in 1964, publishing one magazine a month until 1990, when all of the 181 novels, plus the unpublished The Red Spider had run its course.

Doc Savage centers on Clark Savage Jr., who has no traditional super powers, but he was trained from birth by his father to achieve superhuman abilities such as strength, endurance, martial arts mastery and even a photographic memory, along with vast scientific knowledge. He is also a master of disguise who can also imitate voices, who has served as a physician, adventurer, scientist, detective, inventor, explorer and even a musician. Dwayne Johnson will next be seen in Skyscraper on July 13, and in Fighting With My Family on September 14. Shane Black's The Predator will also be released on September 14, although there is no clear-cut indication as to when Doc Savage may happen. Take a look at Dwayne Johnson's video interview below from Collider, where he discusses Doc Savage.