According to a recent report, the script for the solo Doctor Doom movie from 20th Century FOX is almost complete. Unfortunately, the development of this spin-off may be too little, too late as the purchase of FOX from the Walt Disney Company gradually comes to a close, which would tentatively cancel all plans for this project.

Almost one year ago, Legion and Fargo writer Noah Hawley was hired to helm the script for a potential Doctor Doom spin-off from 20th Century FOX. Despite being a brilliant character in the comics, both of the Marvel villain's live action iterations over the years have been wildly disappointing, so giving him his own movie might be the best way to finally do him justice. According to Hawley, the Doctor Doom movie would have felt like a political thriller, showing his time as the king of Latveria, which is something that none of the movies have been able to show. This movie would delve into new territory that the previous Fantastic Four movies have not explored, so it's safe to say that this villain-led superhero movie would be worth the watch.

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In an interview with Vulture, Hawley gave an update on the Doctor Doom script, revealing that it was coming along well, and both he and the higher-ups at FOX were pleased with it so far. Here's what he had to say.

"I wrote a script that I really like and the studio really likes. It needs a little work."

Unfortunately, all of this work may end up being in vain as the acquisition of 20th Century FOX by the Walt Disney Company grows closer and closer. The deal itself is going to take some time still as every asset in the company is being considered and analyzed, but this major change for the two companies is certainly on the horizon. Until this deal goes through, though, 20th Century FOX plans to continue with business as usual, which would include their progress with the Doctor Doom spin-off.

According to Hawley himself, he is genuinely worried about the future of the Doctor Doom movie should the Disney / FOX deal come into effect. While other X-Men properties in post-production should be safe during the deal, there's a good chance that all of Hawley's work on the script could be tossed out. Here is what he had to say about this.

"I know there's also a little uncertainty, given the potential for a Disney merger and the fact that Marvel may regain control of X-Men and Fantastic Four. They may have a plan of their own in a desk drawer. I just don't know. So, I think there's sort of a sense of uncertainty."

While Noah Hawley's Doctor Doom movie would hypothetically be amazing, the fact that the script isn't even finished yet may prove fatal for the project. As Hawley expressed in his interview with Vulture, there is a lot of concern with the project and if it will actually see the light of day. Hopefully Disney and Marvel Studios will not be quick to cancel this spin-off when the time comes, and instead they actually take a look at the script and possibly consider the Doctor Doom movie for release.