Yesterday, the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally debuted, which hinted at villains such as Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Black Cat and Venom. Adding more speculative fuel to the fire is the latest post from The Daily Bugle, where reporter Joy Mercado is taken inside the walls of OsCorp by company spokesperson Donald Menken, who is played by Colm Feore in the sequel. Take a look at the full article, which mentions Dr. Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus.

The Amazing Spider-Man Daily Bugle Photo
Doc Ock

December 6, 2013

By Joy Mercado

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Some people have visions of the future. Me?

I went and saw it with my own eyes.

Behind the ridiculously fortified superdoors of OsCorp Industries headquarters the future waits patiently for the rest of us to arrive. Only a privileged few reside there - guardians of the secrets that only time (and intrepid journalists!) will reveal.

Under pressure to quiet growing Wall Street rumors of plans gone awry, OsCorp spokesman Donald Menken gave me a glimpse into that future.

I was only given limited access to this room, and legally I can't discuss what I saw in detail. I can barely describe what I saw now. Had I stepped just one foot deeper, it would have been too overwhelming for me to handle.

Prototypes from the United States Military? CHECK. Alternative energy experiments? CHECK. Stuff I don't understand enough to even describe it correctly? SUPERCHECK.

It's like what my childhood closet would have looked like if all toys were free and unlimited - but OsCorp's toys can save the world...or obliterate it.

So, if the future is already in the warehouse, how do they keep advancing? When money is no object, it means the best facilities filled with the brightest minds in science.

The scientific rumor mill (there is such a thing - I checked) has floated every leading name as a possible contributor. But none is more intriguing than world-renowned nuclear researcher Otto Octavius.

When asked about that rumor, Mr. Menken replied, "I can't confirm or deny any rumors you read on the web. We talk to a number of different scientists every day about our special projects."