The MCU likes to keep a tight lid on what they have planned for future films. But that doesn't stop fans from speculating about which characters from the comics will be showing up in new movies. Recently, creator of Thanos and a host of other iconic comic book characters, Jim Starlin, revealed in an interview that the MCU's Mad Titan could soon be meeting his girlfriend from the comics, Mistress Death, the Embodiment of Death in the Marvel Universe.

"They told me early on that they didn't feel like abstract entities were something that the movie-going audience was ready for. But with the next Dr. Strange movie, they're stepping into that realm. So if there are more Thanos movies down the line, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Mistress Death showing up there."
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While Marvel Comics mainly deal with superheroes, they are far from the strongest in the pecking order of powerful beings in their universe. There are characters who are so powerful that their might and the very nature of their being is beyond the comprehension of humans. These beings represent cosmic forces that govern the state of the universe, like the universal arbiter of justice, The Living Tribunal, the embodiment of the cosmos, Eternity, and Mistress Death, the very personification of the concept of death.

In the comics, Thanos becomes enamored with Mistress Death, who just happens to have the form of a hot lady with a skull head, and sought to destroy the universe in order to win her favor. In the MCU, Thanos's original motivation was considered too bizarre for regular audiences, and so the character was changed from a despot in love with Death, to an eco-terrorist with a twisted solution to the world's problems.

The writer for Avengers: Infinity War had previously mentioned that there was a scrapped scene in the movie where Thanos gets judged by the Living Tribunal for his crimes, which was removed so as not to confuse audiences.

But starting with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU seems to be planning to finally introduce cosmic characters into the mix. This, coupled with the fact that Thanos will probably be returning to the franchise in some fashion, means chances are high that he will be uniting with Mistress Death somewhere along the way.

Interestingly, Death's... let's say potential boyfriend Thanos is played by Josh Brolin, who also plays Cable, a character who may be entering the MCU soon alongside Deadpool, who in the comics hooked up with Death, infuriating Thanos to such an extent that the Mad Titan cursed the Merc' with the Mouth with immortality just so he could never truly unite with Death in the afterlife.

So Brolin will have to hunker down and study the comics long and hard in order to understand what the hell is going on between Thanos, Death, Cable, and Deadpool. And let's not even get into the fact that Cable's parents, Jean and Cyclops from the future, will also be joining the MCU soon. Such are the bewildering ways of a comic book universe. This news comes from

Neeraj Chand