It looks like a big development for Doctor Strange 2 may be coming our way very soon. Director Scott Derrickson hasn't been officially announced to return for the sequel. Though, he has expressed his desire to return and, since the first movie was successful, it stands to reason that Marvel Studios would want to bring him back. They tend to keep things consistent in that respect when things are working. In any case, Derrickson recently took to Instagram to tease fans of the Sorcerer Supreme that something is happening. The question becomes, what is it?

Scott Derrickson recently posted an image of Doctor Strange from a comic book, in which, he is looking rather distraught. He unfortunately doesn't make it clear exactly which issue or run the image was taken from. The filmmaker did, however, provide an intriguing, though somewhat ominous, caption to go with it, which has led to speculation, understandably so, that Doctor Strange 2 could be on the horizon. The caption reads as follows.

"'Not my will, but thine be done...' See you in September."

Given how little information we have to go on currently, it probably isn't worth reading into the quote too much, despite how intriguing it is. It's the "see you in September" part that we can really latch onto here. The most logical conclusion is that Scott Derrickson is teasing his involvement with Doctor Strange 2 beginning in September. It's highly unlikely this means that filming will begin, unless Marvel shifted some things around and put this thing together quietly in the background. What this could mean is that Derrickson is gearing up to go in for pre-production to get the ball rolling on the sequel. Whatever it is, it would appear there is movement taking place on Stephen Strange's next solo outing within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We still have the events of Avengers 4 to deal with, and who knows where that's going to leave us, but it's certainly expected that Benedict Cumberbatch will be back for Doctor Strange 2, which Kevin Feige has confirmed they're going to do at some point. Marvel Studios has been very shy about announcing any titles beyond Avengers 4, as they could serve as spoilers. The only movies that have been officially announced are Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is currently filming, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is in a tricky situation now that James Gunn has been fired. But Doctor Strange 2 was always assumed to be a part of the plan for Phase 4 and, if that's the case, starting some sort of pre-production work in September would make a good deal of sense.

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There's almost no telling where they could take the story, but the post-credit scene in the first movie set up Baron Mordo as a villain. Writer C. Robert Cargill teased earlier this year that, should he be welcomed back to work on the movie with Scott Derrickson, they would include the villain Nightmare. Beyond that, we can only assume we're going to be in for another trippy, magical comic book flick. You can check out Scott Derrickson's Instagram post for yourself below.

Ryan Scott