Is there a man in Hollywood not already connected to the Marvel cinematic Universe that isn't being looked at for Doctor Strange? With Joaquin Phoenix's publicists confirming that all talks with the actor are dead, Marvel and Disney are casting a wide net to find their Stephen Strange. Today, they are adding Colin Farrell to a shortlist that has grown to become very long.

Previously rumored Benedict Cumberbatch is said to be at the top of this want list, and The Wrap confirms that Keanu Reeves is now officially in the mix after he publicly talked about the role with the press earlier in the week.

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Marvel has no comment at this time, and its not known when we can expect an announcement.

Other recent contenders include Ewan McGregor, Matthew McConaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Oscar Isaac, Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke. All are said to be seriously interested in the role.

Colin Farrell was confirmed for the lead in True Detective Season 2 a few weeks ago. He is now preparing to shoot new episodes for HBO. With shooting scheduled to wrap early next year, Colin Farrell could easily move right into Doctor Strange, and he's said to have the right amount of 'heat' Marvel usually looks for when casting its leads. If cast, he will play a Sorcerer Supreme in charge of the mystical side of the Marvel Universe.

Ryan Gosling is also said be a serious contender, though he doesn't usually sign on for superhero flicks or franchise fare. He's also currently being considered for one of the three leads in DC Comics Suicide Squad. Ryan Gosling actually shares a manager with Colin Farrell, though no one from either camp is talking.

While Benedict Cumberbatch is incredibly high on Marvel's want list, his shooting schedule on the popular BBC series Sherlock may be standing in the way of the actor signing on the dotted line. Issues would need to be worked out, and may be too tricky to overcome. If he does pass, Marvel may look at him for a different character somewhere else down the line.

As of now, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Farrell and Keanu Reeves are said to be the three top contenders, but that could easily change at any minute. Director Scott Derrickson actually made his directorial debut The Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves, which could help the actor's chances.

We'll have to wait and see where we are on Monday morning. By then, a whole new set of actors might be in contention.