Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange steals many of his scenes in Infinity War with his powerful use of the mystic arts. Now some amazing LED technology has helped to make some of those mystic arts become a reality. Cosplaying seems to get taken to new levels every year, but technology and creativity have been accelerating at an alarming rate. Infinity War has only been in theaters for just a little over a month, as of this writing, and one clever Doctor Strange cosplayer has already started to master the mystic arts in a mind blowing display.

Cosplay may not do this use of technology justice. In a video that has since gone viral, it appears that expensive CGI from Infinity War has been replicated with LED technology. In the video, Doctor Strange's holograms have been replicated by projecting programmed images on to LED displays that rapidly spin. The video is truly insane and remarkably similar to what we see Doctor Strange do in Infinity War. As it turns out, the tech is made by the Life is Style Corporation-owned Phantom.

The LED panels made by Phantom spin at different degrees, some at 1,200 RPM, others at 1,800 RPM to create stunning 3D visuals. The effects are mostly used for advertising, but the clever Doctor Strange cosplayer (or real-life tech wizard) turned them into real mystic arts by programming the geometric designs into the LED displays. For an added effect, the graphics seemingly turn to dust at the end of the demonstration, much like what happens to Doctor Strange at the end of Infinity War.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe super fans have been in a creative mood lately. Some pretty impressive busts of Thanos have been sculpted and even 3D printed. One clever fan even combined Josh Brolin's Thanos and Cable from Deadpool 2 to make an awesome Marvel mashup. Elsewhere, we've seen some equally impressive 3D printed Infinity Gauntlets as well, leading one to believe that the villains have the best tech. But, we've also seen some really crazy Iron Man costumes with functioning rockets and light up displays that double as cellphone USB chargers. However, out of looks alone, the LED mystic hologram arts are above and beyond anything fan-created so far.

Infinity War is about to cross the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office, solidifying the cultural phenomenon that the MCU has become in the last 10 years. Doctor Strange came out as one of the more important characters in the epic movie and seems to be the only one that knows exactly what the plan is for Avengers 4, after going into the future and seeing one way to prevail out over 14 million possibilities. While we wait to see the visions that Doctor Strange saw on Titan, you can check out the mind blowing LED technology mimicking the mystic arts below, thanks to the Life and Style YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick