New bonus material from the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of Doctor Strange gives us a deeper peek at it's villain, Kaecilius and the Zealots that follow him. The two deleted scenes show a few darker moments that were cut from the movie and some excellent concept art where you can see how this character was developed.

2016 was a big one for Marvel Studios. Not only did Captain America: Civil War deliver in a big way and finally introduce Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange, which was something of a gamble, really paid off. Not only did the movie do very well at the box office, despite being a very bizarre and pretty unknown character prior to the movie, fans and critics really responded and it has opened up an entirely new corner of the Marvel Universe. Now, in anticipation of the home video release of Doctor Stranger, Marvel has released a couple of new deleted scenes as well as some concept art that gives us a better look at Kaecilius.

Marvel and director Scott Derrickson ultimately decided that these scenes didn't need to be in the movie, but it definitely doesn't seem to be because the scenes were lacking in quality. The first scene features Mads Mikkelsen as the villainous Kaecilius and his group of loyal Zealots attempting to make contact with the Dread Dormammu. The other scene takes place in a church and we see Kaecilius challenging a man of faith about the concept of the afterlife, which is pretty dark and really interesting. There is also some newly released concept art, offering us a new look at Mads Mikkelsen's effective bad guy.

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Doctor Strange was told as an origin story and largely focused on Stephen Strange's journey to becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme. For better or for worse, that meant that Kaecilius was not focused a whole lot, at least in terms of getting any backstory or much context for his evil doings. Weak villains have often been a complaint among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it has been made clear that the folks at Marvel Studios like to focus on the heroes, which is a strategy that has paid off for them so far. These scenes do reveal that, at least conceptually, there was some more depth and definitely a lot more darkness to Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. Unfortunately, some of that stuff had to wind up on the cutting room floor.

In addition to the newly released deleted scenes and concept art that focus on the villain from Doctor Strange, Marvel Studios also released a brief featurette that explores what went into filming the post-credit scene between Stephen Strange and Thor. The scene serves as something as a set up for Thor: Ragnarok and, as revealed in the video, was filmed fairly late in the process as the script for Thor 3 was coming together. We also get to see how well Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth get along out of character, which is fun.

Doctor Strange is set to arrive on digital platforms on February 14, with a DVD/Blu-ray release on the way a couple of weeks later on February 28. Aside from the deleted scenes, other bonus features that will be included with the Blu-ray release include several behind the scenes featurettes and perhaps most importantly, Team Thor: Part 2, which will once again check in on Thor and his human roommate Darryl. Be sure to check out the newly released deleted scenes and featurette, as well as the concept art of Kaecilius for yourself below. It's apparently going to be awhile before we see Doctor Strange 2 so enjoy.

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