Last month, we reported that actor Joaquin Phoenix was in negotiations with Marvel Studios to play the title role in Doctor Strange, with a new report emerging this week that the actor is close to finalizing his deal. While he still hasn't signed on the dotted line yet, Badass Digest has a new report about why the negotiations are taking so long.

When we spoke to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige last month, he revealed that they are "close" to casting Doctor Strange, but he also cautioned that an announcement was not "imminent." This new report reveals that Marvel was hoping to bring Joaquin Phoenix onto the Comic-Con stage to announce his casting, but the deal wasn't cemented at the time. While he remains in negotiations, this new report reveals that the actor hasn't signed on yet simply because he isn't sure if he can work in the superhero genre.

The actor is reportedly unsure if the superhero world is "comfortable" for him, which would likely include a multi-picture deal that spans several years, although that isn't said to be one of his biggest concerns.

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Joaquin Phoenix met with Marvel Studios again last week to discuss the role, but it still remains unclear if he will ultimately sign on. Do you think Joaquin Phoenix is the perfect fit to play Doctor Strange? Chime in with your thoughts below.