With the release a little more than two months away, we will surely be learning a lot about Marvel's upcoming movie Doctor Strange as the weeks roll on. And it looks like we may have learned that Benedict Cumberbatch will be joined by a magic-using friend in the movie. No doubt, Stephen Strange is the most powerful and well-known practitioner of the mystic arts in the Marvel canon, but a new rumor suggests one of his fellow magician friend will be joining him, even if only for a brief moment in Doctor Strange. Warning, minor spoilers potentially ahead. With that out of the way, it looks like Brother Voodoo may be making an appearance in the movie.

According to a recent episode of That Hashtag Show, Jericho Drumm, better known as Brother Voodoo, will have a very small and brief cameo appearance in the movie. His brother, Daniel Drumm, already appeared in the Doctor Strange prelude comic book that was released last month, loosely teasing Brother Voodoo. But now it looks like, if this report is to be believed, Marvel has plans for more magicians to appear in the MCU. Here is what That Hashtag Show had to say about it.

"Daniel Drumm's brother, Jericho, better known as Brother Voodoo will be making a small cameo in full costume. However, it seems as if it will be a very brief scene, and unless you're looking for it, you could miss it."

Those of you who know your Doctor Strange history know that Brother Voodoo took over for Stephen Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme at one point, so that is reasonably significant. That could mean that Kevin Feige and Co. are planning on introducing the character in Phase 4 and doubling down on the mysticism. Given the rumored cameo, that would make a lot of sense. But the report, along with the prelude comic, also teased even more mystic arts users appearing in the movie, and in future MCU movies.

Hulu recently announced that they will be adapting the comic book The Runaways, which features a character by the name of Nico Minoru. Her mom, Tina Minoru, also made an appearance in the Doctor Strange prelude comic, and the report from That Hashtag Show also claims that she will have a cameo role in the movie as well. In the comics, Tina Minoru is a very powerful user of the mystic arts and is most portrayed as a villain and founding member of the organization The Pride. So, it looks like Marvel could be setting up some more magicians on both sides of the playing field for future movies. It also could be a way to have some more crossover between the movie and TV side of things.

We have known for quite some time that Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange was going to be something very different within the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Magic and mystical elements have only been teased and hinted at in the Thor movies up to this point, but now, especially given the potential cameos, Marvel is opening the magical floodgates on the MCU. Doctor Strange is set to hit theaters on November 4. You can check out the video from That Hashtag Show for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott