Marvel was forced to go back to the drawing board when Joaquin Phoenix passed on playing Doctor Strange earlier this month. The search for the new Sorcerer Supreme continues, with Badass Digest claiming that Marvel is eyeing Ewan McGregor for the role.

A source for the site explains that the actor is currently prepping for the role by doing research on the character. A separate source revealed that, "They're looking at him" to play Doctor Strange, but it doesn't seem that the studio has extended an offer quite yet.

Of course, even if Marvel is "looking at" the actor, there is no guarantee he will land the role. Marvel was in talks with Joaquin Phoenix since July before he ultimately backed away from the project.

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Scott Derrickson is directing from a script by Jon Spaihts. The comic books center on Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon whose career is dashed after he suffers a terrible accident. He sets out on a quest to regain the precision in his hands by becoming the "Master of the Mystic Arts." We reported in August that Doctor Strange will not be an origin movie, starting with Stephen Strange fully in control of his powers, but, naturally, that has not been confirmed, nor have any other story details..

Do you think Ewan McGregor has what it takes to play the Sorcerer Supreme