Earlier today, we reported that Marvel may be considering Ewan McGregor to play Doctor Strange in their Phase Three adventure, following the departure of Joaquin Phoenix, who had been in talks for the role since July. Now Variety has a list of actors on the short list of actors vying for the role, which includes new contenders such as Matthew McConaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar Isaac, along with previously-reported candidates Ewan McGregor, Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke.

It isn't mentioned which of these actors is the true front runner for the role, but Marvel is "aggressively searching" for the right actor to play the Sorcerer Supreme, with an official announcement believed to be coming very soon, according to insiders. Jared Leto was first mentioned as a possible contender back in June, and now the actor is said to be "aggressively pursuing" the role, despite being notoriously choosy about movie roles.

The site notes that it isn't clear if Matthew McConaughey would be able to take the role, given his increasingly busy schedule, but Marvel does want a big star to play Doctor Strange, and the studio believes they can attract top-notch talent after nearly landing Joaquin Phoenix. Ethan Hawke was rumored to be up for the role earlier this month when Joaquin Phoenix dropped out, but he also pursued the role very early on, and is still in the hunt.

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Jake Gyllenhaal is said to be "quite interested" in the role, after a string of dark and gritty films such as End of Watch, Prisoners and the upcoming Nightcrawler. After Tobey Maguire almost left Spider-Man 2 over 10 years ago, Jake Gyllenhaal was close to replacing the actor before his eventual return, and it seems he still is interested in the comic book world. Oscar Isaac is currently shooting Star Wars: Episode VII, and it is said that Marvel has had an "inside look" at his scenes in the highly-anticipated movie, which lead to him being on this list.

Do you think one of these actors will be the best fit for Doctor Strange? Chime in with your thoughts below.