We're sure to see some gigantic movie news hit as Comic Con kicks off this Wednesday for Preview Night, but we're already starting to hear some rumblings that may surface over the next few days. Marvel is not bringing any of its movies to the San Diego Convention Center this year, but that doesn't mean they won't confirm some of their impending casting as the event rolls on. They may even do so during, or right after, Warner Bros. and DC's big planned Q&A on Saturday morning just to steal some of their thunder. One of the items Marvel might confirm during SDCC? The female lead for their 2016 superhero adventure Doctor Strange. It seems Heoric Hollywood already has the scoop, claiming that Rachel McAdams has been made an offer.

Unfortuantely, no further information about the role is revealed. It is speculated that Rachel McAdams, who is currently starring on HBO's True Detective Season 2, is wanted as the love interest. There is no mention of the character at this time, though many believe it will either be Clea, or possibly Morganna Blessing. If she agrees to the contract stipulations, which would see her appearing in a number of Marvel movies, Rachel McAdams will be starring opposite Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character Doctor Stephen Strange, aka The Sorcerer Supreme.

Clea is daughter of Prince Orini, ruler of the Dark Dimension, though the general populace of Earth does not know that she is an extradimensional being, or believe that she is a true sorceress. She was first introduced in 1964, in Strange Tales #126. For a time, she lives with Doctor Strange in his Sanctum Sanctorum, serving as both his lover and Disciple. Morganna Blessing does not have a supernatural background. She is an author and friend to Doctor Strange who eventually becomes his lover. She is known for writing a book about the mystic during a time in which the world believed him to be dead.

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If Rachel McAdams signs on as either Clea or Morganna, she will be joining Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, who may not be a straight up villain in this version of the story. Scott Derrickson is directing from a screenplay by Jon Sphaits. Shooting will take place this fall, after Captain America: Civil War wraps. It will be in theaters Winter 2016. What do you think? Is Rachel McAdams a good choice for Doctor Strange?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange