With the release of the highly anticipated Doctor Strange just over three months away, merchandise is slowly starting to roll out. We are starting to see some more shirts, toys and other things that Marvel can put Benedict Cumberbatch's face on to make some money. For the more grown up fan out there with a little bit of extra money to blow, Hot Toys has revealed their brand new Doctor Strange figure, and it is pretty sweet.

The company first revealed the new Doctor Strange figure at Ani-Com, which is currently taking place in Hong Kong. The company did not reveal when they would be releasing the figure or what the cost would be, but they did have a prototype on display for people at the convention to check out. Lucky for us, plenty of people were on hand to take photos of the new figure, so we have been able to get a very good look at the incredibly detailed figure that should be available for purchase soon.

The Doctor Strange Hot Toy figure is a 1 / 6 scale collectible, and the likeliness it shares with Benedict Cumberbatch is almost uncanny. The figure comes draped in the full on Sorcerer Supreme costume that we got a much better look at in the new trailer, and is prominently featured on the latest poster for the movie. The figure is sporting the cloak of levitation, or the red cape for those less familiar with Doctor Strange lore, as well as the Eye of Agamotto (his necklace) and a mystic spell book. Not for nothing, but there is a lot of speculation that the Eye of Agamotto is actually the Time Gem. So that should be of interest to the eventual Thanos Hot Toy figure.

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For those who may not be as familiar with Hot Toys and are looking at this Doctor Strange figure and thinking it might be cool, or thinking that your kid might enjoy it, there are a few things to know. One, Hot Toys may be toys by definition, but they are really much more of a very detailed collector's item and probably aren't something you would want to just hand over to your kid to play with. Also, even though the company hasn't yet released the cost of the Doctor Strange figure, they typically go for at least a couple hundred dollars, so they aren't exactly for the passive or casual fan.

Doctor Strange is going to be a very different kind of Marvel Movie and will be introducing straight-up magic, as well as the multiverse, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story centers around a neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange who gets in a terrible car accident that leaves him with permanent nerve damage, ruining the use of his hands. This leads him on a quest that eventually finds him crossing paths with The Ancient One, where he discovers the ways of sorcery. The movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Wong and Rachel McAdams. Doctor Strange is directed by Scott Derrickson and hits theaters on November 4. Be sure to check out the new Doctor Strange Hot Toy for yourself below.

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