It may feel like a long time off, but the release of Marvel's Doctor Strange really isn't that far away and that being the case, details are starting to pour in. Even though some details are coming in from sort of unexpected sources, like Doctor Strange merchandise, for example. LEGO has just given us our first look at the Doctor Strange set, and it reveals way more than you might expect.

As is the case with most major franchises these days, the merchandizing is set into motion long before the film ever actually drops in theaters, and Marvel Studios movies are of course huge on the merch side of things. As such, an image of the forthcoming Doctor Strange LEGO set has surfaced online via, though the company has yet to make the set available on their website. Much like when Giant-Man showing up in a LEGO set long before the release of Captain America: Civl War, this Marvel LEGO set does venture into what could be considered spoiler territory, so be warned. That being said, the set is very telling for those who know what they are looking for.

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For one, aside from Stephen Strange, the set features Baron Mordo, who is being played by 12 Years a Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who we saw when the teaser trailer for Doctor Strange first surfaced. However, Strange's right hand man Wong, who is being played by Benedict Wong, was noticeably absent from the trailer, but is featured on the LEGO box, which is part of the Marvel Superheroes line the company has been producing for a while now. Oh, and the trio appear to be fighting a massive tentacled monster in the Sanctum Sanctorum, which might be pretty important.

For those less familiar with Doctor Strange, the Sanctum Sanctorum is essentially Strange's headquarters and is briefly featured in the final shot of the teaser trailer for the film when Benedict Cumberbatch is walking up the steps. Though the film is going to be an origin story, the LEGO set seems to imply that not only will the Sanctum Sanctorum be a heavily featured location in the film, but there is also very possibly going to be a large battle taking place there with an as of yet unidentified other dimensional monster. So, that could be potentially very awesome.

Even for a die hard Doctor Strange fan, it is pretty hard to guess what that monster could be, but it is definitely some form of magical creature that is very likely not of this world. Doctor Strange is going to open up the mystical side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has only been gently touched on at most up to now, and this LEGO box seems to imply that director Scott Derrickson wasn't afraid to get a little, shall we say strange with it. We still don't know who Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen is portraying as the main bad guy in the film, but it looks like he won't be the only advisory facing Stephen Strange in the film. Doctor Strange comes out on November 4.

(Photo has been removed by request of the studio.)