Yesterday, Marvel unveiled the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Doctor Strange, which hits theaters nationwide on November 4. If you're craving even more from this superhero adventure, then you're in luck because USA Today has debuted a new preview featuring footage from the trailer and new insight from director Scott Derrickson and producer Kevin Feige. While Benedict Cumberbatch isn't featured in this preview, the site did talk to the star, who had this to say about his character's mindset, when he first discovers this supernatural world.

"He's enraged by the mumbo jumbo he gets hit with until he's catapulted into the reality of that world, and then the teachings begin, as they say. I hope you root for him. He's like, 'Whaaat?' He's not like, 'OK, cool, I'm in.' He's not swallowing the Kool-Aid straight away. But it's wonderful the way it's explained to him, because it's a hell of an explanation and just visually it's going to be a riot for audiences."
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Doctor Strange will explore the mystical corner of the comic books that haven't been on display yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story centers on Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), an acclaimed neurosurgeon who uncovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions after a near-fatal car accident. Director Scott Derrickson reveals that Marvel was on board all the way, and nothing was "too bizarre."

"There was never a point at which (Marvel) said, 'Now that's just too bizarre.' Traditionally when you think about practitioners of sorcery, they tend to be static in the casting and speaking of spells, and then something odd happens that become the spectacle that you watch, It's just more immersive and bigger than the characters. (The comics were) all about mind expansion and doors of perception and seeing things from a new perspective. We get to go with Stephen Strange through his experience of the new, and hopefully it'll give audiences something that's new for them as viewers. (He) is spiritually evolving through his pain and torment, and doing it through the experience of incredibly weird realities."

We saw glimpses of both the Sorcerer Supreme's Sanctum Sanctorum and the Eye of Agomotto in eary set photos while production was under way. It has been rumored that the Eye of Agomotto is actually one of the previously-undiscovered Infinity Stones, the Time Stone, but that has not been confirmed. Benedict Cumberbatch did tease, however, that his young baby used the Eye for a completely different purpose.

"My baby just loves giving it a bite. It's a bit troublesome because you don't know how many toxic things might be on it. If they made a nice rubber version, it would be the ideal baby dummy. Who knew?"

The Doctor Strange supporting cast is rounded out by Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amy Landecker, Scott Adkins and Mads Mikkelsen. Marvel still hasn't revealed which characters Amy Landecker, Scott Adkins, Mads Mikkelsen and Rachel McAdams are playing just yet, but there are rumors that Rachel McAdams is playing the Night Nurse. Tilda Swinton is playing the Ancient One, with Chiwetel Ejiofor portraying Baron Mordo and Michael Stuhlbarg playing Nicodemus West. Visit USA Today to check out this preview, and stay tuned for more on Doctor Strange.