With just under six months until Marvel's second Phase 3 movie, Doctor Strange, hits theaters, the studio has brought in its composer, Oscar winner Michael Giacchino. The movie will mark his first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he is no stranger to superhero tales, having composed the scores for Pixar's The Incredibles and Disney's Sky High. While this is his first Marvel movie, the composer has a long history with Disney.

Michael Giacchino won his first Oscar for composing the original score for Disney Pixar's Up, and he was nominated two years earlier for his work on another Pixar classic, Ratatouille. He got his start composing music for video games, such as the game tie-in for The Lost World and another Jurassic Park game, Warpath. He eventually moved on to features with The Incredibles, Sky High, The Family Stone, Mission: Impossible III, Speed Racer, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, John Carter, Star Trek Into Darkness and much more. He also composed the music for hit shows like Alias, Lost and Fringe.

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Most recently, Michael Giacchino provided the scores for Dawn of the Planet of the Ape, Jupiter Ascending, Tomorrowland, Inside Out, Jurassic World and the current box office hit Zootopia. He also returns to the Star Trek franchise by providing the score for Star Trek Beyond, in theaters July 22, and he is also attached to work on the music for upcoming movies like The Book of Henry, War of the Planet of the Apes and The Incredibles 2. The composer announced his involvement in Doctor Strange on his Twitter page earlier today.

The first Doctor Strange trailer debuted just last month, which came just a few days after production had wrapped in New York City, following an international shoot. Filming began this past November, with production first taking place in Nepal, before moving to London, Hong Kong, Kathmandu and finally New York City. Just before production wrapped, new set photos gave us our first look at Mads Mikkelsen as the mysterious villain, although no details have been revealed regarding his character.

Doctor Strange tells the story of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), an acclaimed neurosurgeon who uncovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions after a near fatal car accident. The film will show audiences corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe never before explored, thanks to director Scott Derrickson, who is working from a script by Jon Spaihts, based on the comic book character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Doctor Strange is set for release on November 4, going up against Warner Bros.' Bastards and 20th Century Fox's Trolls. Take a look at Michael Giacchino's tweet below, where he reveals his involvement in Doctor Strange.