Did Community creator Dan Harmon accidentally drop one of Doctor Strange's biggest spoilers? That's what some are claiming this afternoon, with sufficient evidence to back it up. Harmon is said to have contributed script pages to a reshoot for the Marvel Phase Three adventure. And he apparently left some evidence of that on his computer, which was shown to the crowd at Comic-Con.

Just this past week, it was widely reported that Dan Harmon had contributed some last minute scenes for Doctor Strange, which were part of the reshoots that happened earlier this year. Some eagle-eyed fans heard this and immediately went back to a video that was played during the Harmontown Podcast at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The video contains a shot of Dan Harmon's personal computer screen.

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Talking about his animated series Rick & Morty, Harmon opened up a document to tease fans, and reveal the possibility of resurrecting Community, which has long been rumored to be getting a movie. A number of Doctor Strange documents can also be seen on the computer screen. The most noteworthy of these is an entry that clearly states: Strange Confronts Dormammu!

It hasn't been confirmed that this computer image, which we've included below, is real. But there are many Reddit users who back up the validity of the document. And this video has since been removed from the Internet, which is also a telling sign.

It's believed that this stunning reveal means Dormammu is definitely showing up in Doctor Strange's third act. Or will at least have some kind of presence in the upcoming Marvel adventure. Up until now, Dormammu has not been announced as part of the movie, and it's clear that this was supposed to be a surprise. Though, we can't take this as a 100% confirmation that Dormammu is coming to theaters this November.

Dormammu first appeared in Strange Tales #126 way back in 1964, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He is a primary villain of Doctor Strange, and the Ruler of the Dark Dimension, a being of immense mystical power. He uses his vast powers to conquer other universes and dimensions, earning himself the enmity of Doctor Strange in the process. Take a look at the screen shot in question.

Doctor Strange Dan Harmon Spoiler