Perhaps not as well known as some of the superheroes that make up Marvel's Avengers, Doctor Strange lives in his own little section of the cosmic universe surrounded by plenty of colorful characters. And it sounds like Marvel will be dipping deep into his bag of tricks for this particular Phase 3 adventure. It's not going to be a conventional Marvel movie, that's for sure. But as Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed earlier this year, it will still be an origin story. Now, Latino Review has new insight into how this original will play out on screen, revealing that it will center around a villain we weren't expecting. At all.

Though Disney and Marvel have yet to officially confirm it, Doctor Strange began shooting this past week. And with that, we've seen a ton of set photos and video that show a haggard Benedict Cumberbatch before he becomes the Scorcerer supreme. Production is currently happening in Nepal, where Dr. Stephen Strange has been seen wandering the streets. At this time, any and all official details are being kept under a shroud of secrecy. And these latest images have done little to pull back the curtain.

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Kevin Feige has confirmed that Stephen Strange's transformation from master surgeon to Scorcerer Supreme will happen on screen. Sources close to the film's production have decided to spill a little bit more about the plot. The film is going to kick off in 1968, which a lot of people probably aren't expecting. Zealots of dark magic residing in Kathmandu will open a portal to another dimension. Leading this group is a fairly obscure character named Kaecilius. In the Marvel comic books, he is an associate of Baron Mordo, who is also appearing in the movie, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The film will shift from 60s Kathmandu to modern day New York, where we first meet Dr. Stephen Strange, who is feverishly working to sew up a gunshot wound. He is brilliant, but quite arrogant. One night, while talking on his phone and driving, he clips his car causing the accident that severely damages his hands. While he doesn't lose them, they no longer work well enough that he can perform surgery.

Dr. Nicodemus West (the recently cast Michael Stuhlbarg) will attempt several operations to get Stephen's hands back to proper working order. But the digits refuse to heal properly. And Strange is unable to return to his life as a doctor. He has a random chance encounter with magic and sub-atomic particles. This leads him on his quest to find the Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, who is confirmed to be playing the character as a very old man. When Stephen finally finds this mythical wizard, she refuses to teach him. Of course, that all changes, as we know from the Marvel Comics.

Dr. Stephen Strange's journey to find the Ancient One is being filmed right now in Nepal. The images we've seen have Benedict Cumberbatch looking like a bum. After taking on the role of Sorcerer Supreme, he will shave his beard down into the iconic goatee that everyone knows, and some people love. He will look close to what we've seen in the comics. It isn't known where Mordo is when Stephen begins his journey to find the Ancient One. And it isn't known if Mordo is wise to Kaecilius and his team opening this dangerous magical porthole. This porthole could very well be tied to the Infinity stones, but we have no confirmation of that at this time.

Latino Review promise to deliver more plot details as production continues throughout the year and into this winter. It isn't known when the film will wrap, but it will be in early 2016. So we can look forward to a few more months of rumors and leaked set images. What do you think about this magical side of the Marvel universe?